Children’s Center Issues Call to Action – Child Abuse Awareness

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It is in times of crisis that our children become more vulnerable. If ever there was a time like this, it is now. The COVID-19 pandemic has created conditions for a rise in violence that young children will find difficult to escape. We need your help in serving the children and families of Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties, particularly during this unprecedented time when so many are feeling isolated and strained.

Why is your help so important? Even in “normal” times, people are dealing with stressors in their lives that become overwhelming and sometimes unbearable. When that happens, children can become victims to physical aggression, sexual assault, and serious maltreatment. The Children’s Center needs to be prepared at all times for these children when circumstances become so difficult.

Let’s talk about “Colleen”. She had a long and difficult journey, enduring sexual abuse by her step father for almost four years. She was removed from her home and placed in foster care because she was not believed by her biological mother. Colleen experienced relentless trauma symptoms, poor school performance and acting out.

Through the collaboration of the multidisciplinary team- victim services, law enforcement, District Attorney, Children and Youth, and the Children’s Center staff, Colleen’s perpetrator pleaded guilty and will be a Megan’s Law Registered Offender for life. Colleen was able to contribute to the court process through the writing of her Victim Impact Statement which was read at the perpetrator’s hearing.

Colleen has concluded her healing journey through the completion of trauma therapy, decrease in trauma symptoms and vast improvement in school. She is repairing the damaged relationship with her mother, and is eager to move forward with her foster family. Colleen is one of the many victims we help each year at the Children’s Center of Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties.

Can we count on you for a donation to help children like Colleen who are experiencing physical or sexual abuse? A gift of $500 will cover a medical exam or forensic interview for a child just like Colleen. Any gift, no matter how small, will make a difference at this critical time, but we urge you to dig deep for our most at risk children. Every child deserves to grow up feeling safe and loved. To make a donation, visit or call 570-823-5144.

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