Bootstrap Campaign Delivers Nomination Petitions to Election Office

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On Monday, a seven-person delegation representing the Bootstrap Campaign delivered more than twice as many nominating petitions as required, for the four Bootstrap candidates in the upcoming Susquehanna County Commissioners’ race, to the Susquehanna County Voter Registration and Elections Office a day earlier than required.

The Bootstrap candidates, all long-time Susquehanna County residents, are Democrats Judy Herschel and Sue Rowe and Republicans Sue Pipitone and Dana Rockwell.

The Campaign and the candidates gathered the signed petitions during a concerted information sharing and petition effort featuring “Meet and Greets” and House Parties. The aim was to implement the Campaign’s motto — “Neighbors working together” – by asking for County voters’ views and concerns, and sharing the Campaign’s ideas and program, regarding the important issues facing Susquehanna County. The candidates found that there was broad agreement with the Bootstrap Campaign’s initiative that only non-partisanship could solve County problems and spur County development.

The Bootstrap Platform includes bringing economic planning back to the county with an emphasis on promoting traditional industry and agriculture and to promote good paying jobs; creating a countywide network of community centers, day care centers, playgrounds, parks and trails; safeguarding the county’s clean air, water and soil; revitalizing the county’s struggling communities; and promoting healthy living, expanding the county’s healthcare institutions and seriously tackling the substance abuse crisis.

About The Bootstrap Campaign
The Bootstrap Campaign is a Pennsylvania grassroots movement formed in 2019. For information on the Bootstrap Platform, to get involved, host a meeting with Bootstrap Campaign representatives in your home, or to make a donation please call 570-647-4414, email, visit the website at, Facebook at Bootstrap Campaign, Twitter at @BootstrapPAC, and Instagram at

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