Christina Henning Announces Candidacy For Wyoming County Commissioner


Christina (Tina) Henning is announcing her intention to run for Wyoming County Commissioner in the 2019 election.

I heard that the state auditor general had informed the commissioners several times that they needed to claim over a quarter of a million dollars, money that had been sitting in the state treasury for ten years, nevertheless officials in Wyoming County offered no explanation why they did not request the reimbursement. Our roads are in terrible shape and it is totally unacceptable that some of this could have been addressed if the money had been claimed; therefore, I decided to run for county commissioner. Clearly, it’s time for a change.” stated Henning.  

Christina and her husband, Stephen, own an organic dairy farm in Mehoopany. As a Proctor & Gamble employee for more than 32 years, Christina undertands the importance of responsibility.

The median age of our population is getting older; we need to create jobs in our county to keep our young people here,” stated Henning.

She understands that sustainability is an important aspect of our future. As a member of the Wyoming County Farmland Preservation committee, Henning has shown she understands the need to look to the future, creating and implementing plans that will work to protect that future.   “We need someone who is willing to stand up for everyone who lives in the county and I’m ready to step into the the role of Wyoming County Commissioner and do just that,” Henning emphasized.

Henning continues, “County residents deserve to be represented fairly to build economic development; all development needs to meet public safety as well as health standards.” She stresses that we can create jobs in our community without sacrificing the health of our population. Henning also knows the importance of maintaining good working relationships with the state government on all issues.

Henning shows she cares; as a founding member of the Mehoopany Cub Scout Pack 186, member of her local chapter of DAR, president of FWM Emergency Squad, involvement with the Wy/Lack Dairy Princess program, volunteering as an emergency medical technician for more than ten years and by actively using her skill set during several mission trips.   

I know that if we keep doing what we have been doing, we will keep getting the same results. It’s time for a change; I’m stepping up and am ready to work for Wyoming County’s future,” stated Henning. Christina Henning illustrates that she cares for her county.


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