Snow for Christmas Unlikely, But Possible

Sun sprayed across windshields in Wysox Township in Bradford County and throughout the Endless Mountains this afternoon as temperatures surged into the 60s, setting records in many locales.

Photo by Cory Wood

Once the second wave of rain pushes through this evening, temperatures will plummet to more seasonal levels. Some people could see a few snow showers as the system pulls away early Saturday morning.

A temperate stretch will follow, with highs in the 30s and 40s and lows just below freezing most nights.

Several forecast models hint at a snow shower or flurries on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but it my just be wishful thinking.

The long-term forecast follows:

Friday night: 50s to 30s rain

Saturday: 37/28 cloudy

Sunday: 39/32 cloudy

Christmas Eve: 37/27 flurries?

Christmas Day: 33/25 flurries?

Wednesday: 35/28 cloudy

Thursday: 35/30 pm rain/snow

Friday: 45/35 showers

Saturday: 40/26 partly sunny

Sunday: 40/30 partly cloudy

The weather report is based on expected conditions at approximately 1,100 ft elevation in Meshoppen Township, Wyoming County, near the center of the Endless Mountains region. Residents of river towns can generally expect slightly higher temperatures, while those at higher elevations may experience lower temperatures. Send your Weather Window photos to Try to include a good horizontal/panoramic shot.

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