Some patchy morning morning fog around Sonestown Mountain in Sullivan County led to a stellar summer day with temperatures flirting with 80 degrees. Photos by Debora Kelly DiBono Daytime and overnight temperatures have inched up a degree or two each day since a cold front move last week’s heatwave outContinue Reading

Those walking to and from eateries and driving through downtown Tunkhannock on Friday evening were treated to an amalgamation of arts and crafts, from sidewalk art created by (top, from left) Erin Burke, Roger Staron and Aiden Learn to a blend of folk and country songs rendered by popular localContinue Reading

Senior Expo guests learn about the myriad of frauds that target seniors in a session conducted by Terry Greene (top) from the Office of the Attorney General. Above, Tunkhannock Township Police Cpl. John Zdaniewicz Left) and officer Dustin Cokely have a chat with Rep. Karen Boback and constituent outreach specialistContinue Reading