By Rick Hiduk Exeter Township officials and residents of West Falls received some welcomed assistance on Sunday when a team of workers arrived at George Hock Memorial Park to prepare it for summer. The helpers were participants in the Wyoming Sullivan County Drug Treatment Court program and did a considerableContinue Reading

Rep. Karen Boback announced yesterday that Exeter Township, Wyoming County, and Dallas Township, Luzerne County have been awarded Community Conservation Partnerships Program grants. Exeter Township will receive $40,000 for improvements to George R. Hock Memorial Park. Projected improvements include construction of kayak launch, parking area and pedestrian walkways, as wellContinue Reading

Photos Submitted by Carol Bardzel / Story by Rick Hiduk Community spirit continues to build in Falls and Exeter Township. In the past year, the village and township celebrated its first Falls Summer Celebration and was recently designated an official River Town by the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership. On Dec. 3,Continue Reading