A relentless winter complicated by illnesses and an unplanned move can prove to be too much for anyone, even an admitted overachiever. This month, our “Super Mom” explains not only why she needed a break, but how taking some time off changed her perspectives on stress and how it effectsContinue Reading

by K.M. White Like many parents, I am concerned about the health and well-being of my children, though I will admit that sometimes my concern makes me a bit too overprotective. And my worry could sometimes be attributed to bringing on my minor panic attacks. But, when one of yourContinue Reading

Column by k.m. white Author k.m. white (right) enjoyed bumping into old friends like Gretchen Greer at the Sayre Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. The event, which benefited the Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital and Sayre Theater, also provide a rallying point for white and her family for a first-time holidayContinue Reading

by k.m. cole “Momma, when can I be absent from school?” This question, posed by my very serious five-year-old at bedtime the other night, made me stop for a moment during tuck-in time. “Ummmm, what do you know about being absent?” was my follow up question. “Well, it is whenContinue Reading